Friday, August 22, 2014


We have one more sleep in our old house, the only house these two munchins have ever known or would remember.

I am over the moon to be moving in to our own home, and can't wait to leave behind all the annoyances of living in an old house that needs some love and attention, but I know a part of me will get nostalgic tomorrow seeing empty rooms where we have done so much living.

I wonder how the littles are going to go with it too. We are only moving to the next street in our small town and we have been going to the "new house" since not long after Mia was born, but I suspect there will be some tears when Charlie realises we will no longer be living and sleeping at the "old house".

I'm in total denial over the fact that this is actually our last day in the old house as I've only packed one box from the kitchen and one and a half bookcases..... but I rationalise this by telling myself we're paying three extra weeks rent and it will all be okay. Truth is I think I'm just so overwhelmed I don't know where to start. I'm frozen in inaction :|

I was hoping the guy that has been fitting internal doors all week would be finished by today so I could clean AGAIN and take some after photos before we move all our crap in. I love the spaces without all our stuff cluttering it up, I will use that memory to help with my purging and shedding efforts which I'm happy to report are going rather well.

I hope you'll all be having more fun than I'm anticipating having this weekend.


Monday, July 21, 2014


I love home design blogs as much as the next girl and I would love a beautifully styled home, but honestly sometimes I would settle just for clean and tidy.

I am not a fast mover, and feel like I spend all day doing housework just to have a house that is as messy when i go to bed as it was when I woke up. I've figured out that the only way I'm going to find any joy balanced between my speed of doing housework and the amount of housework I need to do is to have way less stuff.

I am making progress though. I downloaded Clutterfree With Kids by Joshua Becker to the Kindle app on my phone and was totally inspired to start living with less stuff. I heard about the book on Ginny's blog. I am getting more ruthless as a chucker as one of the benefits of less stuff getting in my way is that it's making it easier to keep things tidy around here. I love it!

I also love the dishwasher which is helping, and my robo-vac :) Just being able to push the button on that little 'sucker' and have floors that don't crunch when you walk calms me so much. I'm hoping that when we move in to our new place having all new surfaces makes it easier to clean too.

Where do you fit on the clutterbug scale? Any great tips?! "Do it now" is one that has helped me, thanks to Andrea Dekker and her simple living blog.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Getting There

Kitchen backsplash


At times it feels like we aren't making any progress at the new house and then all of a sudden things are happening. We are so close (well I think we are) but Ian says there is still a lot to do. Since I took the last lot of photos on the weekend the plumbers have been and fitted the sink and taps in the kitchen and laundry and fitted out the ensuite. Now once the electrician comes and finishes his stuff we just need to get the flooring finished and we should be able to move in. There is still all the little things that Ian can see that still need doing, like hanging doors and painting all the gloss work on the trim but all I can see is that we are nearly there!!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


We sold our flat, the place that Charlie was born, and it settled today. I am a little sad, but relieved. It will ease up our cash flow and once we consolidate our renovation mortgage with the mortgage to purchase the bowling club we will only have one mortgage instead of 4! (We're also getting rid of the mortgage to Beverley)

Anyway, it made me go searching back through my photos for photos of the flat...

[a cute friend in fancy dress]

It was such a good little flat for us, smack bang in the middle between Ian's work and mine. Close to Freo, close to the beach. Our first home we bought together. At only 50 square metres and one bedroom though it quickly got too small once Charlie was born. But he was born there, right there in the living room! Such wonderful memories we made there. I still love you little flat, I'm sorry we had to let you go! But at least I have the memories and some photos to remember you by. Take care little flat, I hope your new owner has many happy times inside your walls.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pa Got Married

It was an engagement party turned surprise wedding. We were in on the surprise though. Bridal was the theme and the ladies were requested to wear their own wedding dress or one from the op-shop which is what I wish I had done. I wore my wedding dress and I will never wear it again, for an expensive dress it really has not held up well at all. The boning came out in several places and it poked me painfully until I had to change or be miserable the whole night. So I'm hoping Angel Gowns Australia might be able to make use of it. They cut up wedding dresses and use them to make tiny gowns for prem babies who, as they say, gain their angel wings.

It was wonderful to see Pa (Ian's Dad) so happy and celebrate with him and Ann. They are both in their 60's but they first dated when Ann was 16! It was also wonderful for Ian and I to have our first full night together sans children since Charlie was born. Grandma picked them up from the wedding and delivered them back to us Sunday morning. We slept in our tent in the rain, it was nice and cozy. Grandma said it all went fine :) It's nice to know Ian and I can go away for a night now. Just one night though as I am still breast feeding. But still, a night!!

Oh, and I got eyelash extensions. I love them. Though my natural lashes are not good apparently. They would break off/fall out with out any provocation from the beautician. I am booked in for refills so we'll see if my lashes are any healthier by then. I have started taking MSM and hope that will help. I'm really not good at taking vitamins and have let myself get a little run down I think. Or I just have crappy lashes! Anyway, Ian thinks it makes me look like I'm wearing mascara all the time, and he doesn't love it. So if I can or I can't keep them it doesn't matter, they make me feel pretty though.

Anyway, I hope you are all well!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I rang my Mum for Mother's Day this morning. She was telling me how my sister in law asked her what she would like for Mother's Day and her answer was 'nothing' and then 'if you have to get me something, buy me some flowers and look after them for me' I said, 'well I got you the perfect gift...' nothing, that's what I got my Mum for Mother's Day. What I could have done was update this blog, she likes that.

I've had a wonderful Mother's Day, Charlie is three so I've had a couple of Mother's Days but this is the first one that I've loved and felt special (thanks Ian for your effort today!). I came across this idea for a Mother's Day journal* instead of a card and it worked wonderfully. Ian traced the kids hands and drew a few things Charlie wanted, a lizard and a box, Mia says puss so I got a cat as well. I loved it, and Charlie did too, I think he could tell that I really did cherish it.

I even had some time at home alone while Ian took the day off from renovating and took the kids to the park. I thought I might do some sewing, but I enjoyed cleaning out a draw instead. That's where I found this photo of me holding my first niece at my Mum's 50th birthday party. I was 25, almost 26. My Mum is a Dragon in the Chinese Horoscope and she had me when she was 24, which makes me a Dragon too, and I had Mia when I was 36 also making her a Dragon. So there is a line of female dragons running through my family!

Mummy moments I want to remember from right now... Charlie asks me to count 'three honeysuckles' when he wants to hide and be found, I think it comes from the cartoon of Guess How Much I Love You. Mia has just learnt to so 'No' and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever when she gets her little pointer finger pointing and purses her lips and squeaks out nnnnnnoo dragging on the n.

I hope all you Mothers felt the love today. I love you Mum, you are the best xxx


ps. I loved having short hair. Anybody else out there keep their hair long for their husbands??

* via Like Mother Like Daughter (for a non-Catholic I seem to read a lot of Catholic Mothers blogs, I think I must be impressed with the job they do of raising so many children!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Even I have had some, which is unusual as I don't care much for chocolate (strange woman!) and I chucked a sad tonight when I realised Ian had eaten all the Picnics out of the Favourites box :( ha!
I made hot cross buns for the first time. They turned out pretty well.
We have been making progress on the bowling club with Ian taking the three days off between Easter and Anzac Day. Tomorrow we will be able to use the toilet that got set today! The first bathroom will be ready for people to use over the Anzac Day long weekend when we have a group of friends and family coming to give us a hand and camping out on the old greens. Hopefully that will see most of the painting done :)

We have missed our Easter move in date and are now hoping to move by end of financial year. Last year I liked the Foxtel add for their end of financial year sale EOFYS and am hoping for our our own EOFYS... End Of Financial Year re-Settlement! If not, Ian's birthday is in August and if we miss that too then hopefully we can be in for my birthday in October :|

We will get in sooner or later and I hope the extra waiting makes me appreciate it even more!

Sorry I make you wait so long between posts Mum!


Monday, March 24, 2014

We Made It

It was a bit of a rough night for these two (and my parents) and a bit painful in the morning for me, but we all made it through and I think we are the better for it.

I enjoyed my time out and sleeping through the night, and I honestly didn't think about Mia all that much. I did wonder how things were going at Mum's but didn't dwell on it. If I did, I would have upset myself by calling home to find things really weren't going well, just as I suspected. Best not to think about it... best just to enjoy a couple of wines with dinner at Deca Bodega...

I woke up early and quietly scrolled through Facebook on my phone so as not to wake the bride. I was rewarded with a hashtag rich account of Ian's night. For your enjoyment he has given me permission to include it here...

Margret normally co-sleeps with the kids... And I sleep in a seperate bed so I can get some sleep #sadiknow... But tonight she is spending the night with the lovely Charlotte before her big day tomorrow (well today now)... So for the first time I get to co-sleep with the kids #challengeaccepted... Charlie has been fine #whatalittlechampion... Mia on the other hand #devilincarnate took more than an hour of crying to go to sleep #OMG... And has woken up every1/2 to 1 hour for a good 5-15 minute cry. The only way i can get her to settle is put my arm under her head #outlikealight . Fine but i cant sleep with her on my arm... Wait for her to fall asleep #sucker. Then try extract my arm roll over and try go to sleep, all without waking her up #doesntallwayswork....

#challengenumber2 i normally use a CPAP machine when i sleep so i dont snore and have a better nights sleep. This entails wearing a mask over nose with an air hose attached. The first time she woke up after i put it on #shefreakedthefuckoutdotcomdotau #whoareyouandwhatthefukdidyoudowithmydad. So off it came in a hurry. #shegotoveriteventually #sheeventuallywentbacktosleeponmyarm... Until.. #dadstartedsnoring #whatthefukisthatnoise? Arm under the head. Sleep. Extract the arm. Nope wake up start again. Finally i roll over #onmysidesoidontsnore and get some sleep #bliss #nopeisnoreonmysidetooawesome.

So here we are 4:42am and i have managed maybe 2 hours sleep #ineedsleep #OMGMia #dontknowhowyoudoitMargret #boobswouldhelp #hopeyouenjoyedmylongassstory #hopeyoumanagedachuckleatmyexpense #toomanyhashtags?

He felt better after getting all of that off his chest. My mum is proud of him for not getting angry or losing his cool all night. I'm proud of him for sticking with it and not handing her over to my Mum to deal with.

So that's how our weekend went. We didn't end up going to Sculpture By The Sea, next year I'm going to plan a specific trip just to see it.


Friday, March 21, 2014

A Night Off

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Tonight is scheduled to be the first night that I sleep by myself away from my babies since Charlie was born three and half years ago. I'm looking forward to having a full night sleep without being woken 4 to 5 times to nurse but apprehensive about what that means for Mia, my boobs and my Mum (or Ian) who is babysitting.

The reason is my best friend is getting married tomorrow and I am spending the night at her hotel with her. I would take Mia with me, but who wants to be the cause of eye bags on a bride on her big day?!

I worry about the amount of sleep that will be had at Mum's house, but a full night of sleep for me and getting to spend the time with my bestie on her last night as a single woman are a pretty tempting proposition and not to be overlooked in their importance.

Now I just need to steel my resolve. I can do this. Mia can do this. We will both be ok.

I hope you have as wonderful a weekend as I have planned  coming up. I think we should to go to Sculptures by the Sea on Sunday before we head home.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mia's quilt

I actually finished this quilt between Christmas and New Years (I think) but yay! It's finished!


This quilt was started way back in 2010 while pregnant with Charlie who I thought was a girl. I bought the fabrics as a fat quarter bundle from Calico & Ivy, I couldn't resist their flannely softness.


It is still too hot here to use it yet, hopefully it will get some love in the coming months. I'm a little over this summer and am ready to stop sweating in the afternoons while I prepare dinner.


I have fabric bundles for two more baby quilts in the wings, and I still haven't sewn Charlie a quilt yet either (though I have cut the fabric and started sewing HST's).


I hope you all are getting more crafting time than I am!


Monday, January 20, 2014

A Birth Story

[Mia's first week]

Charlie came early and Mia kept us waiting. 

Mia was due on 7th of January and since Charlie had arrived 9 days early I expected Mia would make her appearance somewhere between Christmas and New Year. I was hoping like heck it wouldn't be Christmas Day, I wasn't thrilled about the prospect of a New Years Eve baby either but would have gladly taken that over Christmas.

Christmas came and went, phew... New Years came and went... Ian's cousin's wedding I didn't know if I'd make came and went... Our due date came and went... an extra week came and went... 

By this stage I was three weeks past my expectation of when number two would arrive and Ian had long since gone back to work. Work being back home 3 hours away while I twiddled my thumbs waiting at my parent's house. Luckily the third trimester is my favourite and I wasn't too concerned, except that the home birth program won't birth you at home past 42 weeks. I had been booked in for an appointment at the hospital to give me a check up and determine if they were still happy for me to birth at home, even though I still had a week before hitting 42 weeks. I had made it this far without requiring an ultrasound for either of my pregnancies and I was not looking forward to them demanding one to keep me on the program. But if that's what it was going to take I would have taken that option over a hospital birth.

I woke on Tuesday morning around 2.30am to pee and felt a couple of twinges but nothing more and went back to sleep. I awoke in the morning and nothing. I should back up here and tell you that Ian had come to see us for the weekend, keen to get things happening we (how to put it politely?)…  had "relations" on Friday night,  and Saturday morning I had a bloody show. We went out shopping for a good part of the day, all that walking... nothing... Saturday afternoon, lost my mucous plug... still nothing... Saturday night... Sunday morning... Out for breakfast with friends... Sunday afternoon... still nothing... by this stage I was getting a little discouraged at the lack of action, Charlie was born within hours of these signs and Ian would have to go back to work Monday morning, I really didn't want him to go again, but there I was very early Monday morning kissing him goodbye.

So after all this I woke on Tuesday morning not feeling anything and I wasn't going to get my hopes up. I had a 9.15 appointment at the Mac Store for my laptop that I wasn't going to miss, so off Charlie and I went. It's quite funny going out in public after your due date, people ask when you're due, when you tell them last week, they freak out expecting your waters to break right there and then, gushing all over their floor. Anyway, I didn't feel like going back to Mum and Dad's with nothing to do because you prudently don't make plans for those weeks after your due date. I rung my girlfriend who's day off (thank goodness) is Tuesdays and we hung out at her place with her two boys all day. I started having what I thought were random painful Braxton Hick's throughout the afternoon, but I still wasn't getting my hopes up. We went across the road to the park, we fed the kids dinner and we bathed them before I piled Charlie in the car at six o'clock and headed home. 

I timed the contractions on the drive home and they were 8 mins apart, I was getting a little hopeful at this stage but not yet excited. I called Ian at 6.30pm when I got to my parent's house and said I'm not convinced this is labour so I'll call you in half an hour and if they're still regular come down. Smart man was on his way when I called back. Charlie had fallen asleep in the car and was an easy transfer to bed. My sister and her wife were flying out the next morning for work and Claudie my sister in law had hoped not to be there for the labour. I sat in their room with them for a while before the contractions were too strong to chat. Then the pacing and the waiting for Ian began. Dad blew up the birthing pool and filled it. 

Ian arrived not long after 10pm and I called the midwife. I did not catch her on a good night, and I could tell she was not thrilled with my call. This is unfortunate because it took the sparkle off our birth experience. She apologised when she saw me next and I'm glad she did because I knew she hadn't been as great as our first midwives at Charlie's birth and I was quite pissed off to be honest. Anyway, she arrived an hour later at 11.15pm got herself organised and rang the second midwife. I hopped in to the pool. My Dad was still about, some water had leaked under the sink from filling up the pool. Ideally, we wanted as least people present as possible, but that is difficult when you're at someone else's house.

Because there was stuff going on and people about, I did not get to go in to that inner space the 'cone of silence' and I found my labour a bit more painful than the first time. This might also have been contributed to by the fact that my first labour was so much easier and less painful and quicker than I was expecting so I had high expectations that this second labour was going to be quicker again and even easier/less painful. There was a point when I wondered how long I was going to be in labour since everything was seeming the opposite to my first labour and I thought I couldn't do this if it was going to be hours and hours.

The second midwife arrived, and I was so not "in the cone of silence" that I called out a hello to her as she walked in the front door. And ten minutes later at 11.45pm Mia was born. They have my second stage of labour down at seven minutes, not long, I didn't have to worry about things dragging on for hours. Mia's head did not cone, but came out at 35cm perfectly round. I didn't have any trouble getting her head out, but our little miss was barrel chested and stayed put for a couple of contractions, at this point they told me to push. I tried, I had nothing, I wondered why they couldn't just grab a hold of her head and pull her out. Ian tried to touch her while she was under the water like that but was told not to. At Charlie's birth he was encouraged to touch and being the first person to touch/catch/hold Charlie is one of his proudest moments. I'm sorry for him that he didn't get that the second time round. In our midwive's defence, she was concerned that if you stimulate a baby before they surface it might try to breath under the water. I do not agree, and it would have been good to know beforehand for the sake of expectations.

Mia had an extremely short umbilical cord and so when the midwife tried to lift her out of the water behind me, there wasn't enough length and she quickly shoved her back under me and through to the front, so Ian was really cut out of that equation too. I held her in the water and thought she was short and chubby, but she was long and chubby! She was 56cm long and 4.51kg! Only one ounce off 10 pound!! I'm pretty proud of that :)

While we waited for the placenta to come out Charlie woke up and Ian bought him down to meet his new sister. Of course it was the middle of the night and he had just woken up, I don't think he knew what to make of it all with his dad suddenly there and me in the pool holding a new baby. We moved to the couch and they gave me a stitch. Neither of the midwives normally do stitches but I told them to have a go, I didn't want someone else to have to come the next day and give me a needle and then stitch me.

Without losing blood like I did with Charlie I felt pretty good immediately, if a little tired. This time I even had a shower and could walk myself to bed. Though I didn't have the high I did after I gave birth to Charlie, but I think that was partly my expectation that things would be quicker and easier second time around and them not being, and our midwife who was going through some personal issues. 

My Sister and Claudie did not get much sleep before waking up and 5am or so to catch their flight, but it was nice for them to meet Mia before they left for two weeks. My Dad's generosity loading up the midwives with bottles of wine and being so excited he had to call one of his brothers in the middle of the night was pretty sweet too.

[Mia this last week]

At the end of the day we got a beautiful healthy baby and that's what really matters. We fell in love with her pretty quickly and I'm so glad I didn't stop at one. This past year has been easier than I expected having two precious babies. I don't know if that's because of Mia's temperament or because I'm not a first time mum fumbling in the dark. Who knows! What I do know is that we are lucky to have her, sweet, sweet girl.


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Our baby girl turned one yesterday. We love her so.

I will endeavour to post her birth story soon. I still have a few thank you's for her birth gifts to do. A year, and I still haven't finished!! Why is it so hard for me to be timely with thank you's?!

Mia is a sweet girl and we are blessed to have her, I would say more but I can hear her stop starting crying on the monitor, maybe she'll go back to sleep...